Smart Logs of the Carolinas

Whether you’re looking to build a cozy mountain getaway or a custom log home, our concrete log products are the worry free and environmentally friendly solution to wood log cabin construction.

Smart Logs is a smart move!

Are concerns about expense and maintenance preventing you from enjoying a log home lifestyle?

Discover the advantages of Smart Logs of the Carolinas.

about us

Concrete logs by Smart Logs of the Carolinas offer the character, texture and timeless appeal of quality wood logs.

Our logs offer superior resistance to all forms of wear and tear brought on by insects, sunlight, mold, heat, cold and moisture and will not warp, settle or rot.

Environmentally Friendly

For New or Existing Structures

Competitively Priced

Fire Resistant

Simple to Install

Helping to Preserve Natural Resources

Costs Less Than Conventional Log Homes

Energy Efficient

Insect Resistant

Low Maintenance

Harmful Pesticide-Free

Costs Less to Insure

Warp, Settle, Twist, & Rot Resistant

Concrete replicas of authentic hand-hewed logs


Concrete log siding is a patented system that reproduces to the most minute detail, the look and feel of antique hand hewed logs with dovetailed corners and accessories, and the strength and durability of long lasting concrete.

Homes can be built having the beauty and charm of an antique log home while eliminating the time and expense required to maintain real wood logs or wood log siding. Smart Logs may be used on new frame construction or can be applied to existing structures of any size built with wood, wooden logs, brick, concrete, and concrete block.

Our concrete logs are approximately 2″ thick and approximately 10″wide. Smart logs come in random lengths of 6, 7, and 8 feet, reinforced with steel for crack resistance and light enough that 2 people can handle and install.

Smart Logs of the Carolinas offer many different products to help create an authentic looking concrete log home, including:

Antique Lumber Planks

Window and Door Trim

Accent blocks

Dovetail Corner Logs

our process

Typical Wood Framing Procedure


Constructed according to local building codes, the builder will typically install ½” to 5/8” exterior-grade plywood sheathing.


All walls are then wrapped with a weather-resistant barrier, such as Tyvek®.


At this point, our installation crews add an expanded wire mesh and attach the concrete log siding.


Stain is then applied to the concrete log siding, and all joints are filled with mortar.


We’re more than pleased – we’re ecstatic over our new home. With Smart Logs of the Carolinas we were able to build our dream home with no impact on our forest and without the expensive maintenance of wood. Our home is naturally fire resistant, will not warp, settle, or rot and is less expensive to insure than traditional wood log homes.

Jim and Crystal Belcher


Beautiful homes built using Smart Logs

Whether you’re looking to build a vacation home or permanent residence, Smart Log construction offers beautifully crafted homes built to last. View our gallery below to see our work.