The Savings Add Up

"Log" Homes are now affordable!

The possibilities are endless with the concrete log system by Smart Logs of the Carolinas. With the ease of installation, it is now possible to make any existing home or new construction into the log home you have always dreamed of. Smart Logs of the Carolinas help you save more: • Costs Less Than Conventional Log Homes •  Energy Efficient •  Costs Less to Insure •  Low...

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Looks Like Real Logs

Want the look of a log home without the expensive upkeep?  We introduce you to Smart Logs.  Concrete logs which offer the character, texture and timeless appeal of quality wood...

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Smart Logs of the Carolinas

Welcome to Smart Logs of the Carolinas. Whether you’re looking to build a cozy mountain getaway or a custom log home, our concrete log products are the worry free and environmentally friendly solution to wood log cabin construction. Our concrete log, concrete log siding and concrete log timber products contain our patented technologies for use in the concrete log home construction and siding industry. Let us help you own the home you’ve been dreaming...

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Smart Logs is a Smart Move!

Are concerns about expense and maintenance preventing you from enjoying a log home lifestyle? Discover the advantages of Smart Logs of the Carolinas.

We Love Our New Home!

Jim and Crystal Belcher

We’re more than pleased – we’re ecstatic over our new home. With Smart Logs of the Carolinas we were able to build our dream home with no impact on our forest and without the expensive maintenance of wood.  Our home is naturally fire resistant, will not warp, settle, or rot and is less expensive to insure than traditional wood log homes.